Faculty Mentoring Program

Welcome to the Division of Social Sciences! Please take a few moments to explore this site to learn about the Division of Social Sciences Faculty Mentoring Program that is available to all assistant professors and new faculty in the Division.

The History of the Division of Social Sciences Faculty Mentoring Program

Mentorship and community building are crucial to recruiting and retaining faculty. As the faculty grows within the Division of Social Sciences and UC Santa Barbara more broadly, providing a mentoring and community-building system is essential to supporting and retaining faculty. UCSB’s Division of Social Sciences Faculty Mentoring Program has existed for over 10 years, initially led by Dr. Leila Rupp (former Interim Dean and Associate Dean of the Division). Each year, incoming ladder faculty have been assigned a department mentor and a divisional mentor. 

In 2020, the Division expanded the program to include a variety of in-person and virtual mentoring activities throughout the academic year. Such efforts were supported by a University of California Office of the President Advancing Faculty Diversity Award (PIs: Drs. Dana Mastro and Jennifer Kam; Co-Is: Drs. Amy Gonzales, Walid Afifi, Tamara Afifi, and Norah Dunbar from the Department of Communication). From that time forward, Associate Dean Aida Hurtado played a central role in support of this program, serving as liaison to the Social Sciences Dean’s Office. We are very proud of this program, which embodies the highest aspirations of our Division, and serves as a model for the entire campus. 

-Charles R. Hale
SAGE Sara Miller McCune Dean of Social Sciences

The Program's Mentoring Philosophy

In the Division of Social Sciences, every faculty member is exceptional. With that belief, the Faculty Mentoring Program is meant to further facilitate faculty success by providing ongoing mentorship, opportunities for peer interactions, professional development workshops, community-building social events, and program evaluation and adaptation. The Division of Social Sciences Faculty Mentoring Program offers a space for faculty to express their needs and opinions, and every effort is made to adjust the Faculty Mentoring Program according to faculty feedback, needs, and interests. 

The Division of Social Sciences is highly invested in its Faculty Mentoring Program, committing resources to maintain the program, so faculty can thrive. In addition, during the merit review process, the Division of Social Sciences recognizes the significant service contributions of faculty who participate in the Mentoring Program, and the Dean advocates for such recognition throughout the review system. 


The Mentoring Program's Goals

1) To build connections and community within the Division of Social Sciences at UCSB.

2) To develop a clearer understanding of tenure and merit review processes and expectations.

3) To establish clear goals and provide resources and support for fulfilling those goals.

4) To help faculty adjust to a new university and city.

5) To improve faculty recruitment and retention.