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Welcome to the Division of Social Sciences! Please take a few moments to explore this website and learn about our departments, the degrees we offer, research programs, and the resources available to undergraduate and graduate students.


Student Voices

Undergraduate Resources

The Division of Social Sciences offers students a research-rich, interdisciplinary understanding of society in the broadest sense:  culture, social organization, economy and politics. Students in the Division participate actively in seeking solutions to pressing national and global problems. You have an opportunity to study vital contemporary issues in ways that prepare you for a variety of careers and enable you to become engaged community members and active citizens upon graduation.

In addition to the mainstream social science disciplines—Anthropology, Communication, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology—the Division hosts five interdisciplinary departments:  Asian American Studies, Black Studies, Chicana and Chicano Studies, Feminist Studies, and Global Studies. The Division is also home to the departments of Exercise and Sport Studies and the Department of Military Science. To find out more, visit our Academics page.

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Our new students include impressive proportions of transfer, first generation, and underrepresented minority students.

Graduate Resources

The Division of Social Sciences offers graduate training programs where students receive MA and PhD degrees, in preparation for a variety of careers, including academia. Departments offering Ph.D. degrees are Anthropology, Chicana and Chicano Studies, Communication, Economics, Feminist Studies, Global Studies, Political Science, and Sociology. Students may pursue one of several interdisciplinary Ph.D. emphases in Black Studies, Global Studies, Technology and Society, Feminist Studies, and Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences. The Division also works closely with Departments, the Graduate Division, and Institutional Advancement to support and promote graduate student teaching and research.
Our interdisciplinary research centers, and our extensive scholarly program events draw together students from a wide variety of fields.  

Faculty Awards

Our nationally and internationally recognized scholars teach and mentor graduate students to make new discoveries, offer critical perspectives, and establish alternative visions.